Welcome to
the Cultural Om-nom-nom-nivore

Welcome to my event calender and blog.

First a short presentation of myself:

My name is Heidi.

I’m closer to 40 than I like.

I’m a resident of Copenhagen, through not a native Copenhagener.

I love the city and all the wonderful and strange things that happen in it.

This guide is meant mostly a a reminder calender to myself but it can definitely be used by both Danes and not-Danes living in Denmark but also tourists (if they find the blog)
It is a compilation of events that is a reflection of my personal taste and interest in events. It is by no means an all-inclusive list of what goes on in Copenhagen at any given time. For that, go to http://www.aok.dk/

In this guide you will find a mix of very mainstream events, fringe stuff and slightly underground events, festivals and performances that I personally think are worth spending time and possible money on.

In any given year I will forget that some of this stuff is happening, I will have tickets for something else or I will simply not have time to make it to the event.

If I do make it to something, I will give my very honest and biased opinion on the event afterwards in a blog post.

Recent, Honest (Biased) Oppinions